Get ready to enchant your diamond swords, because boss battles are coming to Minecraft on mobile and Windows 10 devices.

The game’s “boss update” doesn’t only add boss battles, but will also introduce new content for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta, Pocket Edition and the Gear VR Edition.

One of the two bosses is called the Elder Guardian, who is backed up by a squad of sea creatures with laser beams attached to their heads. The Wither, a three-headed menace, is the second boss to be added. Defeating the Wither will earn you Nether Stars that can be used to create beacons. Both bosses have already appeared on different versions of the game including PC, Mac and consoles.

In addition to bosses, Ocean monuments can be discovered. Ocean monuments can be found beneath the sea,and contain different loot and treasure. For creative players, prismarine blocks can illuminate beacons and sea lanterns, while sponges can now be used for decorations.

Lastly, Slash commands will be introduced with the boss update. “Slash commands allow you to make quick changes to the game without utilizing a menu – give other players things from your inventory, summon a mob at your will, change the time of day or weather, swap back and forth between survival and creative modes, and more!” explained in an Xbox Wire blog post.

The boss update arrives on Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, Pocket Edition and Gear VR Edition this Fall, with no exact release date announced as of yet.

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