A leak from Starbucks may have revealed that a new update will be coming to Pokemon Go this Thursday.

In an internal Starbucks memo (posted online by Reddit user alturrisi), it was revealed that an update for Pokemon Go is being released on December 8th. The memo states that the game’s world will be expanding with new Pokemon, and that a new Pokemon themed beverage will be released as well. The memo also states that a majority of Starbucks locations will be made into either PokeStops or Gyms.

Evidence that new Pokemon were coming to the augmented reality title was found recently. Pokemon Go’s recent updates were datamined, with evidence showing that the second generation of Pokemon are on the way, as well as legendaries from the first two generations of the franchise. Also found in the datamine was the inclusion of direct Player v. Player battles, raising Pokemon from eggs, and the ability to trade monsters.

Another change for Pokemon Go was recently announced. On Twitter, it was announced that the amount of Prestige gained from a friendly Gym, meaning one that is owned by your team, has been restored to its original amount.

Pokemon Go is available for iPhone and Android devices.

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