Diablo III’s new expansion will up the difficulty in Diablo once again, as well as coming with a new zone, improve your crafting, and a new item that allows you to re-roll legendaries or extract their powers.

New sets of armour have been revealed for the Witch Doctor, the Crusader, and the Monk. The Monk and Witch Doctor are also getting improved sets of armour. The Barbarian and Demon Hunters new sets have not been revealed or confirmed.

The new sets for the classes will come with different bonuses. Although a lot are noting the permanent Spider Queen that will be summoned for the Witch Doctor, you should note the Paladin’s 6 set bonus increases the damage of Falling Sword by 500%, and Blessed Hammer by 750%.

The images below, via Gamespot, are of the new sets. Diablo III’s 2.3 patch has yet to receive a release date.

set1 set2 set3

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