Who would ever have thought that mixing rocket powered cars and soccer would have been such a recipe for success. Rocket League is the massive cross-platform smash that has captured fans world wide, and the competitive side of playing is bigger than ever. Rewards are to be announced for the third season of match play before a new Season 4 update comes to the game.

Psyonix, the game’s developer, has announced via the Rocket League official web page that as Season 3 draws to a close, rewards will be given to players who have achieved the impressive ranks of Prospect, Challenger, Rising Star and Champion. The fourth competitive season is due to begin in early April, and is set to bring a few changes to the tier system among other gameplay tweaks that will come in the form of an update.

Psyonix praises fans for making the third season its biggest, best and longest to date. They put the extended length of the season, compared to the previous two, down to the changes that will be made for Season 4. The developer teases even more changes to come as we approach the start date.

Rocket League Season 3 Rewards

The exclusive rewards for the top players from this past season will be special wheels to equip to your car. Psyonix also notes that if you have, at any stage in the season, reached a higher level than where you currently stand, then you will still be awarded wheels from the highest level you achieved.

As for Season 4 and what we can expect, the developers only give us a quick glance at the new division tiers, stating again that more will be revealed closer to launch in early April.

Rocket League Season 4 tiers

Rocket League has been a mega success, and as one of the first truly cross-platform games it can be seen as a level playing field for those on consoles and also on PC, something that will continue into the next season of competition.

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