Dota 2, Cr1t

Evil Geniuses announces new Dota 2 roster

With The International packed away for the year, it's team shuffle season for the Dota 2 professional scene is in full swing. There have already been countless exciting new addition and changes, but the biggest... Read More...

LucidSound LS30 Review

New kids on the block, LucidSound have sunk their teeth into the gaming headset market with their latest offerings becoming available around the world. Although the company is brand new, the founders of the ... Read More...
I am Setsuna, JRPG, Tokyo RPG Factory

I Am Setsuna Review: Frigid emotions

Since the announcement for I Am Setsuna, the game was touted as an homage to the legendary SNES hit title, Chrono Trigger. From the very beginning of the game, this fact becomes incredibly apparent with the int... Read More...
Open World

Mafia III’s complete soundtrack revealed

Mafia has always been a series that follows the trendy music that came about in the era the games takes place in. This time, Mafia III's setting in New Bordeaux has given the team the opportunity to explore the... Read More...