Announced late last week, several members of the Electronic Arts development teams across the mother company will be plucked and stringed together in a brand new EA Worldwide Studios. The team will feature members from Maxis, EA Mobile and Bioware. This new studio will be lead by EA’s Vice President Patrick Söderlund.

The blog post, written by EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson, talks about the company and why this new organization restructure is taking place. Citing the company’s desire to place ‘Players First’ being the prominent reason. In order to facilitate this mantra, the company has already started to turn around and provide support for the competitive scene, reshaping the way marketing and publishing is done at the company, and much more. The restructure is but another way for the company to start repairing the bridges they have burnt with consumers after a long history of criticism.

EA Worldwide Studios is EA’s move to reinvigorating the company; by bringing together the most creative people within in the many development studios across the EA brand into one ‘all-stars’ team. With such a prolific team, the company hopes for the powerful new team to create excellent new Intellectual Properties.

According to the post on EA’s blog, EA Mobile and Maxis will continue to work under Senior Vice President Samantha Ryan, who will now also lead Bioware. Ryan will still be answering to Söderlund. Furthermore, the Frostbite Engine team will be working with the technology team, led by Ken Moss.

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