Destiny Rise of Iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron Review

When it first released two years ago, Destiny was far from a perfect game. Doubling down on their commitment to make the franchise last the next decade however, Bungie has continued refining and polishing. As a... Read More...
Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny Collection available on PS4 and Xbox One

Whether it is a television show, a movies series, a book series, or anything else of high popularity, it can be daunting to try and catch up if you are behind. But of course these pieces of art reach a popularity where they are often given ways to help those w... Read More...

Hotfixes coming to Destiny this Monday

Bungie has posted a list of known issues that have been found in Destiny, some of which will soon be receiving patches. Two hotfixes will go live on Monday, September 19th, and will address some of the bugs ... Read More...