There have been rumors for some time now circulating the web that the development of a PlayStation 4 slim was under way at Sony, but it’s hard to imagine that they could cram all the power of that console into a small form factor version.

Nevertheless, the Japanese technology giant proved us wrong with the leak of several images of the new model, which was likely being held under wraps until this year’s E3.


The image above may be the first picture of the new PS4 slim, which is codenamed Monolith according to several different sources. Elsewhere on, multiple new images have emerged of Sony’s “phantom console“, perhaps just another codename for the slim model, which are presented below.

LoJArC9If you look closely at the picture above, in the left column are emails that appear to be in Italian, suggesting that someone, or some developer perhaps, sent these images directly to the inbox of

Is this leak real? Or too good to be true? We’ll let you be the judge. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the PS4 slim images.

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