It’s been a nearly a decade since development began on The Last Guardian, but fans can now rest easy: The game has gone gold.

Sony Interactive executive Shuhei Yoshida made a simple tweet commemorating the occasion: “I’ve waited a very long time to say this… The Last Guardian has gone gold!” Although enthusiastic, the tweet belies the depths of emotion that all working on the project must have felt on this momentous occasion.

The Last Guardian has been in production since 2007, and revealed to the public since 2009. However, the game had very little news since then, and by 2013, it was unclear if the game was even in development. It seems, however, that they were simply waiting for hardware to come out that could support their vision: An impressive showing at E3 2015 proved that the game was alive and well, and very dependent on current hardware. Even comparisons from 2015’s footage and this year’s footage indicate progress.

It was set to release in October 2016, but has since been moved to December. This final delay made many nervous, but now that the game has gone gold, fans can rest assured that the game is, for sure, coming out this year.

The Last Guardian will be available December 6 on PlayStation 4.

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