A video was recently released on the channel of YouTuber “Cycu1” that compares footage of The Last Guardian from the E3 2015 trailer to much more recent footage.

One of  the first things that can be noticed are the changes that have been made to Trico. His wings and tail have been made smaller, and his feathers are darker. Other changes to Trico include the effects that improve the factor of believability, including the dust and shadow that are now more visible when the bridge collapses. Other changes include the background, which has been made much more detailed. The comparison video can be seen below.

The Last Guardian will be receiving a Collector’s Edition. Priced at $119.99, the Collector’s Edition comes with a premium steelbook game case, a statue, a 72-page art book, a digital soundtrack, a sticker sheet, and a collector’s box. The steelbook case features the boy protagonist and Trico reaching out to each other, while the statue displays the feathered companion resting as the boy stands on top of its head. All of the merchandise in The Last Guardian’s Collector’s Edition will be packaged in a special box that is designed to look like a small wooden crate.

The Last Guardian will release on December 7th for the PlayStation 4. The game originally had an October release date, but was recently delayed.

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