There is no doubt that the Soul’s series (Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 1 and 2) has a huge fan following. I recently just became involved in the series and it really blew me out of the water. The games are known for being ridiculously tough, which turns some people off to the content, and they are very challenging indeed. However, they are extremely rewarding and can easily become addicting while never really being unfair to the player.

Bloodborne is a new title from the same developer (From Software) and looks extremely promising. It looks to keep the same old school, challenging gameplay, inability to pause, and big open worlds to explore, similar to the Soul’s games with a bit of tweaks. For example, in the Soul’s games, the combat is very slow. You really have to plan out your attacks in order to survive. You only have so much stamina so you can’t expect to just hack and slash your way to victory. Animations are slow, and can be slower depending on the equipment you have equipped. Bloodborne changes this.

While you still have a stamina bar, and timing attacks and dodges will still be a key part to get the glorious “Victory Achieved” to pop up on your screen after defeating an iconic boss, the combat appears to have much more fluidity. Combat is much faster and smoother, your character moves quicker, and guns are an option to equip, which was never done in a Soul’s game before. You can not only have a primary weapon in one hand, but a gun in the other hand, which can really be effective in keeping enemies at bay.

The biggest thing I have heard so far in the realm of complaints from fans is that the game looks much easier. From Software is known for creating very challenging games, but I can assure these fans that is not the case. While combat may look easier and more fluid, it appears there are more enemies to kill in areas. In the Soul’s games, there usually were not a horde of enemies all in one spot. However, in Bloodborne, it appears that there are quite a lot of enemies gathered in the same area and some massive ones at that.

Yeah, because this looks easy

Yeah, because this looks easy

Other than the improvement of combat, I think Bloodborne could be better than the Soul’s series because it looks as if there may be more story content in this new title. While the atmosphere of the Soul’s games is truly remarkable and probably my favorite part of those titles, the story content really does lack.

You never really know what is going on in the world, and the only sort of story elements come from talking to NPC’s, which are sparse, and through some item descriptions, which can put the world into more context. Bloodborne has released a story trailer and it already looks to have more of a focus on the story than the Soul’s games. Whether that is true or not, we will find out.

The atmosphere in Bloodborne looks absolutely fantastic, and I can hope it can rival the Soul’s games in that aspect. Looking at what I have seen from Bloodborne though, the weapons look much cooler than that of the Soul’s games. You can have a huge maul in one hand, and a sawed-off shotgun in the other. There is much more blood, as that basically replaces the Soul’s system of currency in the game. And the visuals look downright gorgeous. Like the Soul’s games, which were very dark, this game continues that trend but changes the aesthetic of the look. The lighting looks incredible, as the shadows manipulate light in an absolute real way. The Soul’s games never focused on visuals, and to be fair, that was never an issue. But it is nice to get an overhaul in that department.

Bloodborne is shaping up to an absolute masterpiece, and in my opinion, the first great exclusive for the PlayStation 4 if it can live up to the hype. Bloodborne is available March 24th and I will not leave my room that day. If you have any other opinions on the game, let us know in the comments below.

For more information on Bloodborne and the impending worldwide deaths it will bring, stay tuned to Gamespresso.

  • rudero

    For a first time player in the series, would you recommend picking up the strategy guide? I like figuring games out but from what I hear of the series, it is hard to pick up. I’m thinking about picking up the dark souls ps4 version too since I have never played the games.

    • Daymeeuhn

      I would hands down suggest picking up the official strategy guide. I played DaS2 with the hardcover version as a side assist and it was 100% worth it. The maps are thoroughly detailed and very useful.

      Would I suggest playing the game WITH the guide side by side? No… try to avoid that. The beauty of these games is often found in the exploration, and you don’t want to rob yourself of that. I’d suggest using it as a way to double check areas after a boss is dead before moving on, or for helpful boss tips if you’re stuck (they do a multi-page fully detailed synopsis of all boss attacks and general strategy for every single boss) as it won’t rob you of the experience.

      It’s also incredibly useful as a means to an end for NG+ content and the like. When the game comes out, the wiki pages won’t be quite as knowledgeable as they will eventually become, and if you’re playing feverishly at the beginning you’ll eventually hit a point where you want all of that juicy NG+ information. Well, if you’re like me, you’ll be nose-deep in the guide for sure. There’s also a sense of comfort of having the guide sitting in your lap open to a specific map while playing and not having to constantly check back on your phone or computer for whatever it is you’re doing. The guide is handy in that way.

      I’m not saying you won’t be using the wiki, because god knows you will – it’s super useful. The guide just fills a different role in your playthrough.

      I recently went back and beat DaS2 and made a bunch of PvP twinks these passed few weeks in prep for BB to reacquaint me with the Souls style of gameplay, and even knowing the game in and out I still constantly resort to checking the maps for quick refreshers. The book is just gorgeous and easily worth the money. They do a great job!

      • rudero

        Much appreciated information. I am really excited to be jumping into this world of gaming and really want to soak it up fully. Cheers!

        • Daymeeuhn

          I also should mention that one of the reasons I enjoyed the guide was Future Press actually feels like it’s writers are gamers that have an idea of what they’re doing. Often times the guides for games will seem really out of touch with more in-depth gamer logic and basics and I usually roll my eyes at their silly strategy suggestions or ideas for tackling parts of the game.

          Future Press did a good job with the DaS2 guide in that a lot of the time the stuff they bothered to write out actually made a lot of sense. They never over-hyped the difficulty of an encounter and when they tell you something is easy or hard you usually can rely on it being accurate, giving you a sense of relief if you die 20 times on a boss and feel like a scrub for doing so. If they say Hey, don’t worry about it, this dude is hard, it’s like a soft pat on the back. The moral support feels good.

          You will not be disappointed if Bloodborne lives up to it’s predecessors. It’s a good a time as any to jump into the chaos of FROM’s nightmarish games. Good luck!

          • rudero

            Very much appreciated. Preordered right after your first comment. Really looking forward to this! Thank you!

            • Davis Hagen

              Hey, author of the article here. As far as strategy guides go, that is completely personal preference. I jumped into the Soul’s games late so the wikis were all very useful. I used the wiki from IGN and the Dark Souls Wiki, which were both very helpful. That being said, the strategy guide will be much more readily available, so if you want to spend a little extra money, I suggest that. The games can be very unforgiving to new players and have a steep learning curve, so the more researched you are,the better. Great job pre-ordering by the way! You are in for a treat. Hope this helps.

            • gamer taboo

              Please don’t use a guide on your first playthrough… Also, please, Please, PLEASE, for the love of jebus, play either Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls first.

              • rudero

                Appreciate the reply. I do have the dark souls game preordered. Like I have stated above, I do not want cheat sheets, I just was not aware of how much info are in the strategy guides. Never even looked at one just, hearing how large these games are, I was wondering on the usefulness of said books.
                Thanks again.

    • Tom Splittstoesser

      Why would you use a strategy guide in this day and age? Use the Bloodborne Wiki, which is what all souls fans do. The wiki is like a common bonfire we share and exchange any info we can in order to keep each other… and ourselves alive a little longer.

      • rudero

        I have never used a strategy guide before for any gaming and I do agree with the interweb is there to use… I was mainly asking because theses style games seem to be special to a lot of gamers due to the size and toughness of the game so therefore, being my first entry, was wondering if they come in handy. Not looking for a crutch to hold my hand through the game, just very useful information as I adapt to something thougher than just a third person adventure game. Thanks for the info and will definetl you check it out.

    • stgeorge

      first play through – absolutely no guides or walk throughs. The joy of the souls games is discovering them as you go.

      The idiots that turn up in your game two days after release with all the best gear and equipment, are the ones that the ruin the exerience for everyone – and no doubt themselves.

      • rudero

        Appreciate the advise. Like I stated before, I do like to figure out the games myself. The reason I asked said question is just due to hearing how large the games can be, I just did not know how easy it is to get overwhelmed. Never used a guide book before so I did not know if they are basically cheat sheets or useful information to help guide but leaving the hard work for the player.
        Thanks again. Valuable information from all of you.

        • Nicholas James

          My advice is to play slow on your first play though. Don’t give a shit about progression and explore every nook and cranny, even if the story is pulling you towards a certain destination. Also, talk to every NPC and exhaust their dialogue tree. Also, read every item description meticulously and keep them in mind as you go on. A weapon or piece of armor which may seem trivial may hold a great deal of information later on. The lore in these games is deep, and takes much time to fully understand (if at all). Me and most fans will agree that this is one of the games main charms in a world of linear storytelling. Yo will reap what you sough. Guid books are for filling in all the gaps you have at the end of your play through ( or maybe if you get hopelessly stuck on a boss, but I suggest you struggle until you prevail). You would defiantly be cheating your self by following a guide on release.

  • theshavenwookie


    • gamer taboo


  • gamer taboo

    “While the atmosphere of the Soul’s games is truly remarkable and probably my favorite part of those titles, the story content really does lack.”

    Why do people always say this? In NO way is the story lacking in either Demon’s or Dark Souls. The story is great, you just have to find it yourself. Want to know what has happened to this dying Land? GO FIND OUT.

    • Davis Hagen

      In the sense of the traditional video game, it doesn’t hit you in the face. There are interesting bits but the story is sparse compared to many other games. I’m not saying it is bad at all, I just like games with a good story. The Soul’s games are a little vague with the story and sometimes you don’t know exactly what is going on. Not necessarily a bad thing, but some players like to know why they are doing the things they do. 🙂

      • Pariahdigm Shift

        That is what makes Souls games so good….

        • Davis Hagen

          I like the way they do it, don’t get me wrong. But even if you explore the world you still have almost idea what is going on. There is a story there, but it is vague. The atmosphere easily makes up for it though and really adds a story element of its own.

    • Alex Connellan

      I love games that have lore buried within them, just waiting to be told, and that’s why I love the Souls games’ approach to it.

      What I find interesting is that people say this, and then say Destiny doesn’t have a story when both developers’ approach are incredibly similar (telling a hint of a story that’s based on incredibly detailed lore).

      That being said, all of Dark/Demon’s Souls’ lore is in-game, whereas Destiny’s is all in the Grimoire on companion app, so the Souls games go one step further

  • Pariahdigm Shift

    Souls Games did focus on story just not in a way that most people understanD, and by that I mean most people can only handle spoon fed stories. I can near garuntee Bloodborne will not do this. I’d bet the story is gonna be as cryptic as ever and I’m looking forward to see the many WTFs that will inevitably come from that. This is part of what makes exploring the souls games so good.

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