Update: With this week's reset came the revelation that this week's Heroic and Nightfall Strike are indeed Winter's Run. Look forward to all burns, Guardians.

Original story follows...

If you were eagerly waiting to find out what next week holds in store for Destiny, then wait no longer. Thanks to an alleged leak, sourcing information data mined from Destiny, we already know what next week’s Heroic and Nightfall will be, as well as some random pieces of Xur’s stock in the near future.

According to a Reddit post by famed rumour-starter Megamanexe4, Destiny‘s Weekly Heroic and Nightfall will be ‘Winter’s Run’, featuring the Archon Priest (hilariously represented in an 80s-style movie poster). The kicker is that the Nightfall will feature ‘Epic’, ‘Nightfall’ and all burns.

You read that right – next week’s Nightfall will feature Arc, Solar, and Void burn.

Destiny nightfall

This is incredibly tedious given that the Strike features a healthy dose of both Vex and Fallen: Vex generally do Solar and Void damage, while the Fallen do Solar, Arc, and Void damage. Bungie also recently patched Destiny players’ favourite ‘cheese’ in the Strike, where the fire team would hide underneath the upper platform.

Contrarily, the Weekly Heroic will only feature ‘Heroic’ and Void burn. This is especially relieving because only Servitors deal Void damage during the final boss fight, so it will be easier for players to equip Void weapons and stay safe from the Servitors.

destiny weekly

As mentioned, Xur’s alleged stock was also leaked for the foreseeable future. When Megaman data mined some information on Xur in previous weeks, Bungie responded by altering Xur’s stock at the last minute. Megaman’s response is to show off items that will be in Xur’s inventory in the future, but not necessarily at the same time.

These items are:

Crest of Alpha Lupi – Hunter Chest

Ruin Wings – Titan Gauntlets

Obsidian Mind – Warlock Helmet

Apotheosis Veil – Warlock Helmet

MIDA Multi-Tool – Scout Rifle

Dragon’s Breath – Rocket Launcher

Megaman notes that Bungie may change this information based on his leak closer to their respective days, but alleges that listing them out of order will help keep things the way they are. It’s also worthy of note that Xur should still be selling Heavy Ammo Synths come next weekend.

At this point in time, it’s worth treating this information as rumour; however, it’s also worth noting that Megaman has yet to be wrong, and the results of his data mining are fairly accurate.

  • gjallarhorn


    • Alex Connellan

      It’s you! Why are you so elusive?

    • The Nano

      sell yourself you bastard

  • Trim Dose

    midas multi tool ? no freaking way! , I really hope so, I would be missing only Red death and the 4th horsemen

    • Mr. Funtimes .

      Look who is in luck…..red death has been sold, baby 😉

  • WarNoShame

    Did you even read the reddit post? He said that these are not Xur’s items for next week, and he will not be revealing when he sells them incase Bungie changes them

    • Alex Connellan

      “Megaman’s response is to show off items that will be in Xur’s inventory in the future, but not necessarily at the same time.”

      I did read the Reddit post. That’s a quote from the article above

      • WarNoShame

        Yes you did say that, but you said this before it,

        ” Thanks to an alleged leak, sourcing information data mined from Destiny, we already know what next week’s Heroic and Nightfall will be, **as well as Xur’s stock for the following weekend.**”

        • Alex Connellan

          Thank you for that. That was my initial introduction, but it looks like I overlooked that particular sentence when conforming with the information that it’s not, in fact, for next weekend.

          Thank you for pointing that out, I apologise if I came off as snappy. Edit for the opening paragraph incoming

          • WarNoShame

            You’re welcome 🙂

  • Matt

    He was wrong last week stating we would have thunderlord or hardlight

    • safej16

      He didn’t say xur was going to sell thunderload or hardlight that week he said he will sell those on upcoming weeks

  • IfuckedYOuRmother

    2 weapons?

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  • i need tht midi tool

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