The latest entry to the esteemed Battlefield franchise, Hardline, is on average the lowest rated Battlefield game so far in regard to review scores.

At the time of writing, Battlefield Hardline has a score of 76 on PS4 on Metacritic – a figure well below that of Battlefield Bad Company 2 (88) and Battlefield 3 (89).

Notably, major publications such as Gamespot and Polygon awarded the game a 7/10, though naturally others have given it a more/less favorable review.

Hardline is a bit of a sidestep for a series that usually envelopes the military shooter sub-genre. Not only is Hardline a more “cops and robbers TV drama”, but the single player mode is also developed by Visceral Games of Dead Space fame, as opposed to series veterans DICE. Nevertheless, the new take on what had become rather stale, at least in single player, is personally a breath of fresh air.

However, unfortunately many critics feel that previous Battlefield games have done multiplayer better, and that the single player in Hardline is largely hit and miss.

Stay tuned to Gamespresso to find out our verdict later this week.


  • jean-Alexandre thibault

    Since most outlets are reviewing it based on it’s 5hr single-player campaign, I’m not surprised in the least. NOBODY buys this for single player. It’s like reviewing TowerFalls single player instead fo couch coop.

    Reviews need to adapt to how games are played.
    Too damn lazy …

    • reallydude?

      It’s not that they aren’t adapting to how the game is played, it’s that the game is supposed to be more robust but feels like a $30 expansion to BF4. A 5hr campaign and a multiplayer that is not too far from its predecessor is not worth $60. That is why they bother to mention the single-player.

      I mean, the campaign in BF3 was shizat (which did get a lot of attention) but nobody cared because the multiplayer was so darn good. Hard Line is only a teeny upgrade from BF4 so obviously people are going to focus on both SP and MP aspects for their reviews.

      Also, reviews are supposed to touch on all components. If it is there, tell me about it.

    • feenspear

      you are mistaken captain. I buy battlefield for single player story because of annoying asss little baby kids who ruin the online for me. And my internet is shit..
      I love this game. IMO its a nice change and a huge step in the right direction

  • Valkyrine

    It’s cops vs robbers. Not that interesting. Might as well be indians vs cowboys

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Its a 70 meta on xbone just in case anyone was interested, seeing as how the author conveniently left that part out.

  • The Night Rider

    Gamespot and Polygon aren’t publications. A publication is something printed and sold in shops.

    • gamespresso

      Yes they’re, Gamespot and Polygon are online publications that fall under the categories of either online publishing or web publishing since both are in the form of a website.

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