After the Toys “R” Us exclusive amiibo Greninja sold through its allotted online pre-orders in minutes a few weeks ago,  the store attempted to restore the sanity of at least a few amiibo fans by announcing that starting today, April 27, in-store pre-orders of the Greninja amiibo would be available.

However, certain Toys “R” Us stores, including one in Fort Myers, Florida, were apparently only granting pre-orders for the Pokémon amiibo to those who were willing to apply for the retailer’s credit card, as reported by The Tanooki.

In addition, other stores were also granting customers early access into the stores who were willing to apply for the TRU card. Though it does not seem to be occurring at every Toys “R” Us store, it seems an odd and crude business practice for a store to restrict pre-orders to only those who sign up for a credit card.

Is this a legitimate way for Toys “R” Us to get customers to sign up, or is it just a crude business tactic? Either way, weep with the rest of us who don’t have a pre-order at all and let us know below!

  • Nathaniel Door

    I heard about this, but they didn’t even mention the credit card at ours. I have a feeling this was some employees figuring out an unscrupulous way to hit their numbers for credit card signups, and not anything coming from corporate.

    • Mike Nitroy

      Good point. Having worked in a store previously, I know how serious stores are about how many cards you get people to sign up for.

  • TalesOtaku21

    It’s a business tactic, and an indecent one at that – amiibos have nothing to do with their credit cards, it was not advertised as part of the preorder process. Refusing to take preorders of a heavily demanded item unless the customer agrees to a credit card is practically black mail. TRU should be ashamed and should deal with the employees involved in this scandal.

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