Two days ago, Xenoblade Chronicles X was released in Japan and many fans went to Miiverse to share their gaming experience. Screenshots were posted showing off the monsters, landscapes, combat, and characters. One character stood out the most. That character is Lynlee, she is 13, but has a lack of clothing displayed.

The game allows players to customize the equipment and gear for all members of their party. You can change armor and outfits for each character. The Japanese players on Miiverse don’t seem to care about the 13-year-olds extremely revealing bikini. This is due to Japanese beliefs on sexuality, they different than from that of Western societies and children as young as 13 can legally consent to sexual activity in many parts of Japan. This explains why Lynlee can be dressed up in this way.

Its safe to say the Lynlee won’t be like this in the other versions of the game.  Nintendo of America can change her age to 18 or older and avoid any questions, or they can change her outfit to be more suited for her age.






  • Please cite where you found this information, which is right here:

    • Chandler Tate

      Source has been added Kevin, must’ve slipped our minds! I’m sorry the source was added upon the initial publishing of the story. Thanks for the reminder!

    • ctate1995

      Source has been added Kevin, must’ve slipped our minds! I’m sorry the source wasn’t added upon the initial publishing of the article!

  • dcj91x

    I would like you to explain where you got the information that 13 year olds in Japan can consent to sex. Also, only people that are already thinking bad thoughts would have a problem with this. Honestly I didn’t think anything about this until i saw this article. Now I’m kind of wondering about thw author of this article and hoping he never gets near my kids. Also I feel anyone who has a problem with this has never been to the beach, a public pool or watched Full House.

  • Silverdragon5000

    If the world really hated lolis so much, the united nations would have pressured Japan to ban it in the 1970’s. I’m just gonna sit here and he shocked and mortified by loli for the rest of my life.

  • Vayu Purana

    pretty sure a 13 year old girl’s body doesn’t look like that, her body model looks roughly 16-17 or so at the least but she has the face of a 12 year old tho, typical for Japanese games/anime

    • Aaliyah Bandy

      It reminds me of anime. Either the girl looks like shes 5 or 25.

      • Vayu Purana

        exactly, this is so common in mainly in anime i’m not even phased by it……lol

        • Mitsukiba

          Google 13 year old girl.

          • Vayu Purana

            i’d rather not…….

            • Mitsukiba

              That’s fine. But you’ll see one serious overdevelopment as well as under development.

              • Vayu Purana

                pretty sure I would have seen underage porn lol…… is the internet after all >_>”

                • Mitsukiba

                  I’m not entirely sure I understand.

                  • Vayu Purana

                    you can’t be serious…..

                    typing “13 year old girl” in a search engine will most likely bring up child pornography, how could you not understand that?

                    • Mitsukiba

                      The wording was weird to me. No. You wouldn’t have. Anyway. The conversation is done. No point in conversing with someone who doesn’t really care.

  • Ernesto Perez

    To me she looks like she’s in the 14-16 age range. Then again, it’s not really uncommon for the Japanese to create characters that are younger than they look.



    • Aaliyah Bandy

      With it being being Nintendo, it probably will be.

      • Sam Malik

        But the game isn’t aimed at children. Plus it’s swimwear, the most basic kind. It’s not like they are giving her a pervy thin bikini for the sickos. It’s a simple swimwear in a game where swimming is a mechanic.

  • Carl Fin

    And what of game of thrones and the fact that the naked girls in it are supposed to be 12 or 13? This article should be entitled “xenophobia chronicles”. It’s ok in the U.S. And the west? Right?

  • What happeen when a 13 years old kid go yo the beach?
    Nothing wrong with this option.

    • Aaliyah Bandy

      Everyone has their own opinion 🙂

      • Xengre

        This isn’t an opinion. That is not how “opinions” work. The character is not being sexualized. You see kids younger than her at the pool and beach in swimsuits. Whatever your intentions for this article they have clearly backfired. I’m not going to say you shouldn’t write articles just don’t be reckless about it.

  • Hannibal Is at the Gates

    So your upset with her sexualization yet you post screenshots of her in said sexual clothing. GG.

    • Aaliyah Bandy

      I personally am not upset.

      • Hannibal Is at the Gates

        Sooo you just decided to make a “article” about her being sexualized, and you could careless either way. K thanks for the heads up. Click bait.

        • zanmaru

          There is this sort of presumptious air of “that’s weird right? But here’s why they do it…” to the article, but beyond that I think you’re reading too much into it.

          • Mitsukiba

            I understand I’m 10 days late, but by the definition of click bait. This is click bait.

            It’s not bad though. Any who the topic was denounced by the majority of the GFAQs community as it stands.

            Clothes are optional, girls that age wear swimsuits like that; in JP and America, her character model is a scaled down adult model, every female in the game can also wear the swimsuit.

            Now it’s just being used in bait topics in the other RPG communities.

            Keep at it.

        • Aaliyah Bandy

          Well that’s your opinion. 🙂

  • zanmaru

    Dude… it’s anime.

  • Necro Kuma

    Japan and this phedophile tendenses :v , lolicon in every when they made….

  • Xengre

    What is this garbage article? I’m 100% against exploitation of underage but she is in a friggin swimsuit. Do all minors have to wear shorts + t-shirt in order to swim? I was pretty certain you can see this at a pool or the beach… Luckily your other articles don’t appear to be so confused.

  • AcRoxSHaDoW

    The face is what offends me, my god it’s creepy

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