Yesterday, an Amazon employee went on Reddit and discussed why the Marth amiibo has been in and out of stock on the site. The employee, who goes by the username Sanvaer, took the time to describe the process of how Amazon receives products from companies and the long chaotic process that must happen before the item is marked as available.

“Once a warehouse associate physically stows that Marth Amiibo and scans the bin, that is when it flags as “in stock” on Amazon’s website. So when an associate is scanning them in one-by-one, they’re trickling in online. And that’s just one tote–which probably only holds ~10 Amiibo. So you can scale that up and imagine what fifteen associates scanning in Marths one-by-one all at different times looks like to you guys.”

Sanvaer sheds the light on why not only amiibo, but why other popular items flicker on and off of the site. This in-depth explanation is better than anything Nintendo has said about the shortages.

If you’re willing to try your luck, I wish you the best.

You can find the Reddit post here.

  • Gregory Edcius

    You’re a moron if you think this is nintendo’s fault this has to do with amazons way of booking inventory if you were a real Nintendo fan you’d have done your research instead of writing this crap

    • Aaliyah Bandy

      I am a real Nintendo fan :). I think they’re both at fault to be honest. Amazon has a odd system for these things.

  • Michael Stack

    Let’s scan everything one by one, instead of carton by carton that contain 4 amiibo. Makes total sense. Amazon is at fault, period.

    • Aaliyah Bandy

      They do have a odd system for this don’t they?

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