For a while, Rise of the Tomb Raider’s fate was a bit grey. With the announcement that Microsoft would be the publisher for Rise of the Tomb Raider, fans were bracing themselves for the almost-inevitable announcement that the Tomb Raider series would begin its Xbox One exclusivity with Rise of the Tomb Raider. Then Crystal Dynamics vaguely assured Playstation owners that Rise of the Tomb Raider would be released on other systems, stating, “We’re focusing on Xbox One and Xbox 360 here at Crystal, and that’s what we’re focused on right now. And anything beyond? We’ll come back to at a later date.”rise of the tomb raider coffuffle

A recent photo taken from a screen shot of a phone, however, threw the new title back into Xbox One exclusivity. Xbox Australia stated in a comment on one of their photos that “Rise of the Tomb Raider will be Xbox exclusive. Not timed exclusive but exclusive.” While many thought E3 might bring better answers to Lara Croft’s fate, a tweet made by Phil Spencer states that Rise of the Tomb Raider is, in fact, a timed exclusive. 

Microsoft has since apologized for the incorrect comment made by Microsoft Australia’s Facebook page. As well, Crystal Dynamics has stated on the official Tomb Raider forums that, “For clarification, as we’ve previously announced Rise of the Tomb Raider will be a timed exclusive.” How long Rise of the Tomb Raider will remain exclusive to the Xbox One, however, is yet to be revealed. Hopefully E3 will provide more insight into Lara Croft’s future.

Source: Gamepur

  • Hawk_EyE_914

    It is completely pointless for this to be a Timed Exclusive. The Tomb Raider reboot was available for almost every platform, then they make a sequel on only Xbox consoles? Do they not realize how many potential sales they are going to lose?

    • Microsoft probably paid them a lot of money to do it haha

      • mj

        And what about street fighter 5? Street fighter 4 was released on both systems. Its completely pointless for it to be completely exclusive. Works both ways people.

        • Sony probably paid them a lot of money to do it haha. The thing is Microsoft and/or Sony want to assure sales over the rival console by issuing a timed exclusive. People with both consoles are more likely to buy the one that comes out earlier. The other system will still get their sales upon eventual release but the timed exclusive console guarantees they get the edge early.

    • Sheldon Jones

      It depends on the reason. I know some smaller companies will do timed exclusives because they just don’t have the resources to develop for two systems at the same time. However, I doubt that this is the issue for the Tomb Raider franchise. It’s all weird. Timed exclusives are only a temporary assistance.

  • Radney876

    Hey foolish pauper ps4 losers…Microsoft is the publisher for this game. You will not see it on your framerate failstation 4. It is timed in the for PC release…just kike Dead Rising and Ryse.

    • Hawk_EyE_914

      You shouldn’t limit yourself to only one console and miss out on so many great games.

      • Radney876

        Xbox one all i need. It has better exclusives by far, better features and its supported by a better company than ps4. The ps4 fanbase is pathetic…they are now getting games with horrible frame rates just so sony can say its 1080p when they look the same. Bloodborne runs at 15 -18 fps and the witcher at 20. I will never buy a sony product again.

        • Hawk_EyE_914

          Well okay then. Considering most of that was subjective or incorrect, I am going to keep playing both the Xbox and Playstation and not limit myself

          • Radney876

            To each his own. Im am just not a ps4 or sony fan. Peace

            • The only major exclusive X1 really has in terms of AAA titles is Sunset Overdrive. PS4 has Bloodborne, Infamous, and The Last of Us. And the fps rate you mentioned is not accurate. I’m not saying the Xbox One is a bad system at all. I just think gamers should broaden their horizons in terms of consoles. I liked my 360 better than my PS3 and I like the PS4 better than the One. I respect your opinion Radney, but don’t try and bash the PS4 or their fan base without proper facts 🙂

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