In a lengthly video interview with IGN, DeeJ, the community manager for Destiny, sat down at Gamescom to talk about Destiny’s upcoming expansion The Taken King. In the interview, DeeJ addresses some concerns about the inability to boost Year One legendary weapons in Year Two and about lowering (or nerfing) the power of select legendary weapons like the Gjallarhorn.

“In The Taken King, we are delivering to the Tower the largest arsenal that this game has ever seen,” he said, “That includes Destiny Year One. New weapons, new Foundries of weapons, Hakke, Omolon, Suros. It’s the act of discovery that makes being a Guardian interesting, and we’re leading people down that path again because there are new enemies to fight, more powerful foes. When you see Oryx to fight, it’ll make Crota seem like a distant memory of a fonder time. You’re going to need more powerful weapons to meet these rising threats, and that’s the experience we wanted to give people in Year Two.”

DeeJ talked about legendary weapons and addressed the concern about the fact that Year One legendary weapons can’t be boosted to match the power level of Year Two. “This is the challenge for us, to create things that you always want to do,” he said. “If we created Destiny that was a game where it was just, ‘Oh, another Destiny game is coming out, which I like to call more aliens for me to kill with my Gjallarhorn,’ I think people would probably accuse us of design failure. We want to give you new things to experience all the time, new places to go, new ways to upgrade your Guardian, new enemies to fight, new weapons to use, new subclasses to learn how to master. The act of playing Destiny is all about evolving a character. And using the same weapons for the next decade wasn’t really part of that vision.”

DeeJ specifically spoke about the fan favorite Gjallarhorn and how the studio hoped to lead fans into weapon diversification within their loadouts. “Our goal as developers is to keep you guessing, to keep you thinking about, ‘I’m going into this tactical scenario with these people on my fireteam with these enemies, what am I going to equip, what am I going to bring?'” Deej said. “And if Gjallarhorn is an obvious choice, then we’d like to provoke you to think a little bit more about your loadout.”

He continued, “Like I said, Destiny shouldn’t be Gjallarhorn simulator version 4.0 in a number of years. Destiny should always be, ‘Here comes another Destiny game, what am I going to equip this time? What’s going to be my favorite weapon in this year of Destiny?’ There are still going to be missions where you’re going to use that Gjallarhorn. There are also going to be weapons that maybe start to catch your eye. There’s always a perfect tool for any job in Destiny. So those Year 1 weapons are absolutely going to be relevant. Don’t dismantle them, there’s still going to be a time when you need to use them.”

The full interview which includes new footage from The Taken King can be found here.

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  • TryToThinkFirst

    Then they need to make the good gear more accessible. Grinding for months and months to acquire something only to have it destroyed by Bungie is absurdly stupid and insulting to paying customers. The tactics they think will draw consumers into a long relationship with their product is actually what will result in their becoming disenchanted with it.

    Never before has there been a game that is in serious need for a competitive product from a more clued in management team than Destiny. When such a product is released, just how vulnerable Destiny and Bungie are will quickly be evident to all, except maybe the management of Bungie.

  • ssgoku2425

    I totally agree. But these days they seem to be quick to nerf things that the player actually enjoy and not do too much when there are issues. I finally got the Gjallarhorn from xur then it actually dropped from a raid. And now to hear that they are nerfing? smh….wow.

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