Update: 343 Industries has announced that a Community Playlist will be added to Halo 5 multiplayer next month.

Halo 5: Guardians has been caught in a frenzy of community-created maps following the release of the series’ lauded Forge mode last month, with praise directed towards the available assets and blank canvas maps. Tom French of 343 Industries has confirmed that the studio is currently working on new canvases and structures.

While Halo 5‘s edition of Forge is widely regarded as the best rendition in the series – used to create incredible maps such as Sandtrap Classic or the entire collection of Halo: CE maps – fans are nevertheless looking for new additions to bolster their creations, which are damn impressive so far.

Responding to a question regarding upcoming Forge updates and additions, 343 Industries’ Mission Designer Tom French replied that they are indeed “making new canvases” as well as adding pre-built structures “in a more exciting way” – both of which are highly requested additions by Forge fans.



While this move was expected, it’s great to hear confirmation from a member of the team that these additions are on the way. It will be interesting to see what an “exciting way” entails, but if Forge itself is any indication, then it’ll no doubt be a great addition.

In other Halo news, a player has discovered Reach in Elite: Dangerous.

  • Deputy Moonman

    liking the constant drips of new info regarding forge. it’s already really incredible what players have been able to build.

  • bsalent

    Just got done playing the rancid garbage that is H5. Please don’t count my purchase as being a good thing, 323. This franchise has no vision whatsoever. There hasn’t been anything close to a good game since Halo 3. I’d say remake H3, but I saw what you did to H2, which isn’t playable with more than 1 person on screen and I retract that. Just make something for the iPhone instead. You’re disgracing what was once a great franchise

    • Unfuckwitable

      Yeah, you’re a hater. This is the best Halo game SINCE Halo 3. They finally got it right by removing the armor abilities and killstreaks from Reach and Halo 4. Every weapon feels powerful now. It went from duel wielding pistols and still feeling like a wimp, to holding 1 very capable/powerful pistol. It feels like that with every weapon now. You can actually wreck with the needler/boltshot. Forge is the best its ever been. I dont like how modes are arriving little by little, but I’ll deal with it if it keeps the userbase alive longer than Halo 4’s shortlived userbase.

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