For the longest period of time, the Monster Hunter series has been playable on non-HD devices. Despite that, the game still had a charming aesthetic that worked for itself. Now, thanks to the hard translation work by Team HD, the Chinese exclusive Monster Hunter Online will be available to play for English speakers. Not only that, but the game will be in glorious high definition and 60 frames per second.

For a taste of what it looks like, check out this video:

The team have already released guides that allow players to jump right into the game and play through the Chinese version. This gorgeous game will certainly curb my hunting lust before the newest iteration of the game is released. Monster Hunter Online can be downloaded and played by following some of the guides in the previous link. Monster Hunter Generations is slated for North American release on July 15th.


According to the team’s Facebook page, the translation was meant to be out today (30th of May) but has been pushed back due to an impending client update for the game.

“Hello everyone!
Thank you very much for your support on this project
After the patch today we, from Team HD have discussed about our plan of releasing the patch on 30th and we do think that there will be an update to the client either on 30th or 31st
With this in mind we decided to push the release date after the game’s update which is either around May 31st or even 1st of June
Please share the news about this update to your friends
Thank you grin emoticon”

  • Cloud Madigan

    how do i get it into english translation?

    • Patrick Nguyen

      Apologies for not being clear! The video is meant to showcase what the game looks like in glorious HD goodness. Also, as for the patch, it was meant to be up today (30th), according to the team’s facebook page, this has been pushed back to the 1st of June. The article has been updated to reflect this new information!

      • Cloud Madigan

        ohh i see, thanks for clarifying this. I was really excited to play it and was really confused the whole time.

        • Patrick Nguyen

          That’s totally fine, I really want to get onto this too! It’s just a matter of waiting for it now 🙂

          • Cloud Madigan

            same here 🙂

  • Cloud Madigan

    This video is actually from 2014 what exactly is happening?

  • J_Joestar

    Too bad most of what i hear regarding the gameplay from other hardcore fans tends to be poor compared to MHFrontier or the main series games.
    But if it isn’t to hard to get, will probably give it a try once the patch is out.

  • Word

    where do you get the game from?

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