The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has not had the most stable of production cycle’s. Having been delayed on more than one occasion, series producer Eiji Aonouma has suggested that part of the reasoning for said delays was due to poor management on his behalf. Speaking in Edge #296, he had this to say:

“We have these milestones during development. I play the game, then give staff my comments, my advice on what direction they should be heading in. At one of the milestones, the game was fantastic. There were so many great elements. But at the next milestone, that was all gone.

“I’d made a lot of comments about what they needed to add, but I never told them what I thought was good about the game at that milestone. So they added stuff that I’d recommended, but they also added some other elements they thought would work well – and that ended up breaking all the good parts of the previous build. I learned that, when it’s good, I have to say so. If I’d managed that we’ll, maybe development wouldn’t have extended quite so much.”

Hopefully this means that if he were to play a role in the following Zelda game, after Breath of the Wild, he will have learnt the lesson.


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    So basically Aonuma lied so that at E3 nobody would stampede him to no tomorrow LOL. “Time to improve the game” More like backtrack and take out the unnecessary parts his team put in that slowed them down and had to cover up ground. So we probably would have had the game last year like they planned but because of bad management they screwed it up. Nintendo still has a lot to learn even if they are finally getting the game out, they can’t make mishaps like this for their future games LOL. Honestly they idk…..more Western perspective in their studio…..old habits die hard huh? They have to die now….if they want NX games to not have the “oh sorry miscommunication was the real reason we were held back, we didn’t nail the specifics” haha…..they can’t pull that excuse a second time.

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