Sony has made public a quarterly report which reveals its Game & Network Services department, and PlayStation 4, account for three-quarters of profits.

The “Consolidated Financial Results for the First Quarter”  is now available from Sony, and the numbers are staggering. Over all of its departments, Sony made over $15.662 bil. in revenue, and $546 mil. in actual income. Sony’s Game & Network Services accounted for $3.208 bil., leading the pack of Sony’s 9 departments with about 20% of all revenue.

However, even more impressive, Game & Network Services contributed $427 mil. in actual profit– the second largest sum behind Financial Services– and represented 78% of the company’s final operating income.

“This significant increase was primarily due to a significant increase in PS4 software sales including sales through the [PlayStation] Network,” the report reads. Although game sales are predicted to be less than the May forecast, these software and digital sales are expected to continue being a solid source of income.

This may come as no surprise, considering the front-facing failure of Sony’s Pictures department in recent memory, with lukewarm- to poorly-received titles such as Ghostbusters, Angry Birds, Pixels, and Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. It also throws into new relief the boldly “pro-gamer” stance Sony’s taken with the PlayStation 4, and will likely further that agenda moving forward.

  • so, i guess their other division is not making profits for them?

    • Derek Dashiell

      Financial Services made more profit, but it’s the only division that did. Some division were in bad shape: Pictures lost them $103 mil., but Semiconductors lost them $423 mil. after an earthquake knocked out production. Some other divisions are profitable, but Games is one of the only two bringing in over $200 mil.

      Unless you meant the Ubisoft game The Division, in which case, LOL

      • i guess so. lol, no the ubisoft game. talking about their other products that has nothing to do with games.

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