Fallout 4 has received a huge amount of critical success since it was released almost a year ago. There have also been a number of updates and DLC to keep the fun going for as long as it has. The most recent, Nuka-World, has also been said by developers at Bethesda to be the final DLC made for the title. According to a Steam page and some fans on Reddit, this could turn out to be false.

When looking at the Steam page for Fallout 4, there is a list of DLC that was brought to the game. On that same page there is a new DLC listed. It simply says “Unknown App,” but is listed after Nuka-World. The Reddit page for Fallout has gone back and forth on whether or not this could actually be new content for the game, considering the developers specifically stated that Nuke-World would be the last.

There is a possibility that the update is simply to prepare the game for VR or some other extreme hardware, rather than actually bringing new content. Perhaps Bethesda will make a statement about this soon enough. It would certainly help out fans who of Fallout 4 who are biting their nails about it.

  • Lori Cerny

    Bethesda seems too professional to tease fans, even though I definitely could use more F4 in my life.

    • Sean Timm

      Since people have started speculating about it, Bethesda still hasn’t changed the steam page. So that makes me think there is something to it. Can’t wait to see what.

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