It seems that big things are on the way for Grand Theft Auto Online.

Back in August, GTA Forums user Softsecrets posted a good bit of information on upcoming content and expansions for Grand Theft Auto Online. This included smaller DLC packs and massive map expansions. While many had dismissed the leak, some of the content on the list was released. Now, it can be assumed that some of the content revealed on the leak is on the way as well.

The biggest bit of content is the map expansions. The first of these rumored expansions is the “North Yankton and Liberty City” pack, which will release in 2017. After that comes the San Fierro and Las Venturas expansion, which will come out in late 2018. The last expansion is the Vice City expansion, which will release after Grand Theft Auto VI, which is scheduled to come out “some time around 2020 at the VERY earliest!”

Softsecrets states that some of these map expansions were built alongside Los Santos during the early development stages of Grand Theft Auto V, but were scrapped on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for obvious reasons.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

  • GraduateAnalyst

    Don’t care unless it adds to offline mode. GTA Online blows. B2P with crazy grinds if you don’t use microtransactions, horrible hacker incidents, and bugs that have even removed in game currency in recent patches.

    I haven’t touched the game since I finished the PC remaster and will not unless single player content outside of table scrap weapons/cars/clothing is added to the game.

    • Sean Timm

      I get the feeling plenty of people are still waiting for the SP DLC Rockstar talked about originally. Sadly its looking more and more unlikely though.

      • GraduateAnalyst

        Yeah, I am just not a fan of online multiplayer because I can’t stand the horrible communities in PVP based games. As a 31 year old gamer, the multiplayer I enjoyed was split screen with people I KNOW. Now 99% of multiplayer is completely random and there is always at least 1-2 morons in every group.

        Not to mention that 2-3 shooter/MOBA games seem to come out monthly and I am completely sick of MOBAs and most shooters. The last shooter that I even had fun with wasn’t even an official game, it was the fan made remake of Golden Eye.

        Overwatch would be decent if it wasn’t so politically correct with a feminist + humanist agenda. An M rated Overwatch could be fun.

    • Aaron Palko

      Well.. to each their own. GTA Online is the only reason I ever touched the game. There’s nothing remotely interesting to me about the single player side of it.

      • Sean Timm

        I’ve honestly just never given GTA Online a fair chance. To many other multiplayer games out there calling my name. 🙂

      • GraduateAnalyst

        What’s interesting about children with names like ballkicker6969 doing hump/jerkoff animations, running around shouting stupid shit, and no point in using a mic or listening to those with one because they are usually prepubescent and just shout random crap (the same goes for any pvp based game – the communities are toxic shit).

        The main game has a lot of sophisticated sarcasm and both readily available dark humor in addition to insane amounts of RNG and hidden humor that makes fun of pop culture like legalizing cocaine, 9G phones, millennial ran corporations, etc.

        I’ll take that kind of humor over a bunch of jibberish names and shenanigans any day of the week. Not to mention every GTA (even those without online) sells like hotcakes and definitely has a massive campaign story audience.

        The problem is that they will now adopt this model for every future IP, online prioritized Red Dead 2, online prioritized GTA 6, online prioritized Bully, etc… I’ll still play them if the campaign is at least as lengthy as GTAV, but if they sacrifice even more single player for online or ever go online only with sequels, then I won’t financially support them. Many others won’t either.

        Companies deserve to lose a portion of their player base if they abandon their taste. They blatantly lied about single player DLC and changed their mind later. I can guarantee that many wouldn’t have bought it if they hadn’t already before that announcement.

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