The latest update for the Xbox One that released earlier this month for developers has allowed them to “really improve performance” overall in their upcoming projects, giving them greater control of eSRAM. The statement comes from a recent interview with Techland developer Maciej Binkowski, who is the lead game designer for Dying Light.

“In terms of advantages, the main thing is just how much the eSRAM control has improved,” Binkowski said. “The new API allows you to do a lot more with the ESRAM, things devs have always wanted to do but were not easily accessible. This together with better tools allowed us to really improve performance and tweak ESRAM usage.”

If you’re looking forward to the upcoming release of Dying Light, the game’s set to launch next month on January 27, 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and has been confirmed to run in 1080/30fps on both consoles.

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