According to Michael Gamble, the producer of Mass Effect, the series will continue on all platforms. Or at least it won’t be an Xbox One exclusive.

Bioware’s Mass Effect has proven to be a successful series on the previous generation of consoles and PC. The first 3 followed the Shepherd storyline, and the new game will have no direct connection to the Shepherd storyline.

Although they have said its ‘just a rumour’, entertaining the thought of a developed series moving to a console exclusive isn’t that far fetched. With the argument of ‘exclusives make a console’ becoming more and more popular every year, if Microsoft did get Mass Effect as a console exclusive, people who loved the series would be purchasing an Xbox One just to play it.

That would also mean DLC exclusively for the Xbox One, which Bioware could keep at a exceedingly high price – and people would most likely pay.

We have seen the effects of running an outrageous company and how much gamers are willing to tolerate. EA and Ubisoft are talked about widely as being companies that just want to rake in the green, but consumers still purchase games at full price from them, saying ‘maybe this time it will be different.’

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