A real estate company by the name of Movoto has recently released an hysterical statement proclaiming that they want the next Grand Theft Auto game to be set in Portland, Oregon. While we are a long way from realistically speculating about where the inevitable sixth installment in the GTA series will take place, who knows where we might begin hijacking cars and what not next.

“We looked at several cities, trying to see which one would be a great place to steal cars and run over hookers in,” Movoto’s Willie Clark said. “It’s hard to argue with numbers, and the numbers show that not only is Portland a great choice for the next GTA, but also that Portland probably would have actually been a better choice than that lame-sauce city Los Whateveros.”

When you look at what the core of Grand Theft Auto’s real estate is, it consists of gun shops, strip clubs, police stations, and the main deal breaker, coffee shops. Of which the city of Portland alone has 637.

Let us know in the comments below where you think the GTA series should go next.

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