2K and Firaxis Games have announced Sid Meier’s Starships, an upcoming turn-based strategy game, for Windows PC, Mac, and iPad.

Players will get to command a fleet of starships as they set out to explore the vast unknown galaxy before them, defending planets and civilizations, all while building their own federation to usher in a new era of peace.

“When designing Starships, I was intrigued by the idea of exploring the next chapter in the story of Civilization: Beyond Earth,” says Sid Meier. “What happens after we colonize our new home and eventually build starships to take to the stars? What has become of our long-lost brothers and sisters from the planet Earth?”

Players will be able to research futuristic tech while they build up their federation from the ground up through exploration, expanding your influence across the galaxy and competing in turn-based tactical space battles to exert your dominance over other rival civilizations.

The game is scheduled to launch sometime in early 2015 as a digital download only game. Be sure to sound off in the comments below if you think you’ll be playing this game when it launches!

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