Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate comes out this Friday on the 13th (just in time for Valentine’s day!). The demo recently saw its public release, before only those with a code could get it. The demo is packed as full as a demo can be. You have two different difficulty levels, beginner and experienced, with a total of 3 large monsters to hunt, the Great Jaggi, Tetsucabra, and the Gore Magala.

You can choose any of the weapon classes, including the two new ones, Charge Blade and Insect Glaive. There are two locations for you to explore while on your hunts, you can even gather materials with the tools given to you at the beginning of the quest. You can hunt solo, with local multiplayer, or even online.

When solo you get to hunt with two felyne partners, which will sometimes work together to purr-form something of a super attack. The demo is big enough that it should be able to hold anyone over until this Friday when the full game releases.

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