Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin is a Korean League of Legends player, famous for being on the professional team SK Telecom SK 1 K. He was recently drafted to Team Liquid, formerly known in the community as Curse. Piglet is exceedingly well-known among Korean and North American players alike as being one of the hardest players to beat. That being said, he has just been replaced by a somewhat rookie. Shocking? Not to any of us who have seen him play recently.

Piglet has not been performing well the past few games, and the coach for Team Liquid has decided to bench the top Korean player. It happens, at times. A new player comes into the mix and is unable to adapt to his new environments. Some people are saying that the team should have changed their play style, to adapt to Piglet. Not everyone agrees, as it would be easier to have one adapt to 4, rather than the other way around.

Now, taking Piglet on was not a bad move! His former team was near unbeatable. It was a very smart decision on behalf of Team Liquid. They were able to snag a top player, almost guaranteeing their spot in the World Championship, of which the prize last year was $1 million (Piglet was on the winning team).  But he got cocky when he became a part of TL, saying ”I can beat everyone”. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t.

There is definitely a language barrier, though, which became apparent. Whenever he streamed, he would talk to none of his teammates, and only communicate in his native language.

Given all of this, I am sad to see him go, and I hope he is able to push himself to become a little more comfortable with his teammates. He has been practicing a lot, lately, and you can definitely tell from his streams, and past pro performances, that there is no question why he is known and the world’s best AD Carry.

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