The creative mind behind the newly released Binding of Isaac: Rebirth; Ed McMillen, unveiled his plans on the upcoming DLC for the game titled “Afterbirth”

Afterbirth is stated to contain:
– More than 100 new items
– New game mode
– New community inspired challenges
– New character
– An even further final chapter
– More alternate floors
– New bosses and enemies
– New consumable items
– More achievements
– More co-op babies
And loads more.

The DLC promises 100-200 more hours to unlock everything. I haven’t even unlocked everything yet and there’s going to be even more piled on top to add to my completionist woes!

There is a developer blog outlining the features and giving insight into some of the challenges Ed has added in from the community.

Also mentioned is a free DLC for the previous game: Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb; giving addition content for the people who haven’t made the jump to Rebirth but still loving and playing the older game. The new DLC offers a hard mode that provides new bosses and enemies and plenty of bug fixes.

The game has provided hours of rogue-like enjoyment, and I’m extremely excited for even more content! What other features would you want from the DLC? Let us know your thoughts.

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