There is a Sims 4 expansion pack on the horizon! Get To Work will be the first expansion pack for the fourth installment of the franchise. In it, one is able to control what their Sims do while at work. Not your usual ”Work Hard” or ”Take It Easy” type of control. This one lets you actually follow them to work and interact with everything that is there.  Doctors can deliver babies, diagnose and treat ill patients and overall help out those who are in need. Did you like The Sims 2: Open for Business? Well, you can now open your own shops! Like cooking? Open a bakery! Enjoy taking pictures? You’re now a professional photographer!

But really.. who didn’t shamefully enjoy killing off their Sims? You know, that one person, maybe a mother-in-law who ALWAYS called? Invite her over for a quick swim, whilst hastily deleting the ladder. But now, there are more ways to murder your enemies. Included with the detective aspect of the game, there are crime scenes which you can create.

The expansion pack releases this April. Will you be buying it?

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