Happy Wars is one of the Xbox 360’s instant-classic titles. Making its name as the Xbox 360’s first free-to-play game, Microsoft announced that Happy Wars was coming to the Xbox One just prior to E3 last year. Today, developer Toylogic announced that the Xbox One version is still on track to launch some time in early Spring of this year.

Fans of the frantic free-to-play title have eagerly looked forward to this release since its announcement last year – I know I have. Toylogic took to their official Twitter to confirm the news:

They officially announced the news in mid-December, so it’s unclear as to why they’re clarifying it only a few months later (perhaps not enough people were aware and continued asking). Still, it’s good to see games sticking to their release dates.

Happy Wars will also be the first Xbox One game to support cross-gen play.

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