The annual dose of the official Formula One video game returns in 2015, but this time it just might be something to be excited about. The F1 series has struggled for innovation over the past few years as Codemasters first attempt in 2009 almost set the bar too high for themselves. The graphics were already fantastic six years ago and so there was minimal room for improvement in the years that followed, but with F1 2014 being an exclusively last-gen product, Codemasters has had more time to focus on bringing the next outing in the series to Xbox One and PS4.

A few screenshots have been leaked today showing the graphical upgrade. The game doesn’t look much better at the moment than its predecessors but that’s because they were well ahead of their time anyway. Regardless, a visual improvement is certainly recognizable , notably in the textures and details on the scenery around the track. Here’s hoping that the leap to current-gen consoles will allow Codemasters to create a breathtaking simulator once more.

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