Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 8.41.28 PM While the studio is best known for 2013’s Devil May Cry reboot, DMC, little is known about developer Ninja Theory’s next game, Hellblade. Yesterday however, Dominic Mathews, Product Developer on the project, spoke in an interview with PlayStation Access and opened up a bit more on what we can expect from the studio’s next stylish action game.

Speaking to what he felt was “Ninja Theory’s DNA” Mathews emphasized the studio’s dedication to giving Hellblade not only a unique art style that “stands out in its own right,” and combat that is as “brutal and fluid” as you would expect, but also giving the game “a deep and engaging story that’s told through Senua, [the protagonist], and through her personal journey.” Diving more into specifics, Mathews said players can look forward to a game that features both violent combat and a lot of exploration. While the game is “not entirely open world,” he says, there is “far more exploration in Hellblade than there has been” in the studios previous games.

On the combat front, Mathews went on to share that the team is drawing a lot of their inspiration from one-on-one fighting games, saying, “We really like the idea of there being an entire move set that is available to the player from the beginning,” and “we really want it to feel like every fight matters…It will be you, Senua, versus one, two, maybe three enemies.”

In a bid to enhance that feeling of intimacy in every fight, the team has gone for a close, over-the-shoulder camera. “It’s about taking on a small number of enemies, but it being very tactical.”

Senua_Combat_Idle_03 To see some of the game’s art and early test footage, and to hear how the small independent team at Ninja Theory manages to crank out AAA games, check out PlayStation Access’s full interview.

While Hellblade doesn’t have a release date yet, the slick reveal trailer from last year’s Gamescom gives a brief glimpse at the Nordic setting of the game. When it finally does come out, you will find Hellblade on PS4 and PC. Are you intrigued by Ninja Theory’s follow up to DMC? Let us know.

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