A month back, Platinum Games had slipped an image of a ‘2’ in the text style for one of their recent smashing hit games ‘Metal Gear Rising’ in a twitch broadcast. This caused massive roars of excitement as they hoped it would mean there was a Metal Gear Rising 2 in the works.

Platinum Games had just sent out a tweet from their official Twitter account to clear up that the ‘2’ was actually representative of a set of two images that is suppose to celebrate the 2 year anniversary for the game and not a sequel.


Anyone else a bit bummed by the reveal? I know I would love to get back in there and have some good old slicing and dicing action with our dear friend Raiden here. Ah well, that’s okay, at least the art pieces on the Twitter will look quite pleasant on my phone!

Voice your thoughts! Would you buy a sequel to the game? Did you like the original? We’d love to hear from you!

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