An annual promotion, Spring Fever 2015 is all about highlighting the awesome digital games finding their way to the PS4 over the next two months. Announcing the sale on the PlayStation Blog, Sony gave a quick list of games coming out through March and April, each receiving a 10% discount for PS Plus members during their first week of release.


As can be seen above, the promotion kicks off with on March 3rd with Helldivers, a brutally hard twin-stick shooter and one of our 10 must-play games of 2015. It continues the next week with the highly anticipated Hotline Miami 2, then the old school co-op shootem-up Jamestown Plus, and the arcade side-scroller Metal Slug 3, all with the Metroid-esque delight of Axiom Verge rounding out the month on March 31st.

As for April, on the 4th, PS gamers can finally pick up Bastion, the first outing from Supergiant Games, the folks that brought us Transistor, a game recently featured by Gamespresso editor Patrick Nguyen in the first entry of his new Adventurer’s Diary series. The next week sees the release and discount of the top-down adventure Titan Souls, all with the promotion coming to a head as the PS release of Shovel Knight hits with the 10% discount on April 24th.

In the post Sony remarks “we’re shining a light on some of the most unique titles coming to PS4 from incredibly talented developers.”

Along with the game discounts Sony promises even more sales, with each week focusing on a different franchise, the specifics of which will be released soon. Until then, they did give a general list, but as for what each sale will actually include, we will just have to wait and see.


Are you excited for any of the games coming in the next two months? Let us know in the comments. To help with the wait (or make it that much harder), if you haven’t already, be sure to catch the launch trailer for Helldivers below.

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