It’s no question fans of the Final Fantasy series has long since been begging for a return to form or a game that give the franchise a run for its money. Final Fantasy Type-0 while not an actual main game entry, lines itself to be one of few spin off games that gloriously shines in the franchise. Type-0 was originally released on the PSP in Japan and never saw a release date in the west.

There was a translation patch done under the covers before it was ultimately taken down by Square Enix. In the last year, Type-0 had been announced for a HD treatment on the PS4 and we’ve been treated to the final trailer before its release. The final parts of the trailer also gives a glimpse of Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae that is available  as an add on to the “Day one edition” of Type-0.

Boy does it seep with drama, and boy does it look like it has fun gameplay! I wished I could have played it back on the PSP but if there’s going to be HD version on the PS4? Count me in! How does the game look for you? Let us know your thoughts!

The game is slated to release on the PS4 on March the 17th of 2015.

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