It’s easy to adapt material into a video game. Same goes for any well known movie that comes from Hollywood in general. Most of the time, these video games would become non cannons towards the story which I personally feel takes away from the story and makes it lackluster in many aspects.

In this post I’m going to speak about the potential these video games could reach if they stuck to the story, without making anything additional or extra.



This show is by far one of my favorite anime, mainly because of it’s well developed story, and equally layered characters. FMA has the ability to connect to watchers on various emotional standpoints as well as moralistic views.

I think the best perspective for this game would be third person, along with nice little hack an’ slash with a HUD displaying health and gold (which is the currency in this show). The show is filled to the brim with cutting edge action, and would be well suited for quick time reactions such as the ones you would see in God of War, Kingdom Hearts, and even Naruto Storm 4.

FMA’s development was assisted by Square Enix, so RPG elements in this game wouldn’t be a bad idea. I can imagine being able to customize Edward’s right arm by adding different kinds of metals and alloys, the same wouldn’t be a bad idea for Alphonse.



Since the show revolves around death, I figured it’d be best if the player were to be in control of each and every character in the Scout Regiment.

In Fire Emblem, the player is put in charge of controlling and moving characters to seize one simple point at the end of the puzzle. If they were to be killed by an enemy, they would be dead forever. That’s right, so if with Eren as the exception (main character) if any other character were to perish in battle because of the players faulty decision, they’d lose that character forever. Unless if of course that character were meant to die in that certain point of the story.


This anime would be perfect in first person. The primary focus would be you as ‘Light’ who would be attempting to cover your tracks while purging the world from evil under the alias ‘Kira’.

In this game each and every one of your decisions would matter. Starting from the conversations you’d have with people, up until you’d be interrogated by the  characters father. If anything is done incorrectly, the player would find him/herself at a ‘Game over’ or ‘Try Again’ screen.

Death Note was often focused around the protagonist Light, who spent most of the time covering his tracks to make sure no one would catch him. As the player, it would be fun to see what people would do to cover their tracks. A fully interactive environment along with the ability to choose essentially everything that occurs with the game, would be perfect.

What each of these anime’s have in common, is the fact that the ideas I’ve imagined them with, would involve a lot of the players personal decisions as each of these protagonists.

These three anime titles all would involve having some sort of RPG adventure feel to it.

What do you all think? Are there any anime’s you’d like to see re made into video games?


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