Battlefield Hardline, the first game in the series since Battlefield 4 launched will apparently not suffer from the same technical problems as the new development team over at Visceral Games are in “far better shape” to release a more polished product.

You can sympathize for DICE – the developers of the fourth Battlefield game – which not only had to cater for a cross-gen launch but also had a 64 player structure to maintain on the new systems, deeming the game unplayable for many at the time.

Despite the fact that Hardline is also releasing cross-gen, developers are now becoming more accustomed to the newer consoles, not to mention the success of the recent beta, so hopefully all of this will add up to a smoother experience.

Speaking to GameSpot in a recent interview, lead multiplayer of Battlefield Hardline – Thad Sasser – said the following.

“You can clearly see our efforts have paid off with the stability of the most recent beta; the beta we just had was pretty smooth. Obviously we expected to collect some problems, and we did. We found a number of interesting issues that we’ve since addressed and fixed; crashes and so on, particularly on the PC client.”

“So hopefully the fact that we’ve been able to have two betas and we’ve been able to build on all of the learnings from Battlefield 4 that they’ve done over the last year or so with the [Community Test Environment]. We’ve incorporated a lot of their changes and a lot of their fixes as well. So I think, altogether, we’re in far better shape and we’re really looking forward to a stable launch.”

You don’t need me to tell you that a “stable launch” is apparently hard to come by these days with countless products suffering from server overload among other problems, so hopefully the release of Battlefield Hardline on the 17th of March is a breath of fresh air.


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