The Japanese official Bloodborne website announced today how the multiplayer and co-op aspect to the PS4 exclusive will work. Gematsu has translated the details of the update into English.

According to the new details up to 3 players can group together to defeat bosses within Bloodborne. This is done by the host player using an ingame item called the “Hunter Calling Bell” to call other hunters to join their game; other players can also join games by using the “Resonant Bell” to join a hosts game. It will also be possible for players to only play with their friends by using a password however this will only work for co-op.

The PVP aspect is very similar to the Dark Souls series where a guest will invade a host’s game and will get a reward if they can kill the host. According to the details translated, players will only be vulnerable to invasion by other users when they themselves are trying to invade or are playing co-op mode which is however different to the Dark Souls series. Like with the co-op the item used to initiate an invasion is a type of bell called the “Ominous Resonant Bell” which players should do well to not confuse it with the similarly named co-op guess bell or else they could be in for a nasty surprise.


Other details were announced for Bloodborne such as the ability to leave messages in the world for other players to see (similar to Dark Souls and demon souls) as well as the random Chalice Dungeons that can be accessed by or played with other users and shared online.

It was also announced that there will be a day one update for online optimization and performance to ensure a smooth launch for the game. Bloodborne is now due to be released on different dates: March 24 in the USA, March 26 in Japan and March 27 in Europe.

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