You’ve got people who are head over heels with the newly released Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the Nintendo 3DS, and you’ve got people who absolutely love the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park. Then you have people who will go absolutely nuts when those two join forces!

According to a Capcom press Email; their newest partnership with Six Flags Entertainment Corporation has them promoting the new ‘Epic Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Experience’ that will arrive at Six Flags. What this entails is the Goliath ride being remodelled into the shape of the terrifying Gore Magala; the flagship monster on the cover of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The Goliath is Six Flag’s iconic ‘hyper coaster’ that will have riders ‘conquer the thrilling high-speed banked turns, camelback hills, huge spiral curves and “zero gravity” drops’.To add to that; the Monster Hunter 4 Caravan Tour will be making its rounds to Six Flags.

These start on the 28th of March; the Caravan will be around until the 29th of March whilst the ride will remain the fearful Gore Magala until August 10th. The Caravan will offer guests a chance to experience the Caravan as it in the game; which served as the save point and item management location for the playing Hunter. The Caravan will ONLY be touring on these two days so don’t miss out if you are interested in checking it out!

It’s a clever partnership; what better way to express the new Monster Hunter’s gameplay mechanic involving aerial play than tossing up the fans in the air on the Goliath? Fun times! It’s also been noted, this isn’t the first time Capcom had partnered with Six Flags; back in 2012, they had also formed a partnership for a fright ride and Resident Evil 6.

Either way I’m extremely jealous now. If I had tickets to LA I would LOVE to go there! I love thrill rides and combine that with the amazing Monster Hunter 4 that I’m STILL putting so many hours in every night? I am utterly crushed this isn’t an Aussie thing too! Fans of the series and might be attending this; let us know if you’re going!

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