Amiibo, while not always easy to find, are undeniably good-looking thanks to their strong attention to detail and accuracy of each character. Yet the most interesting of these figurines are quickly popping up in places other than the shelf of your local Target.

Since their release, fans have taken to creating their own custom amiibo figurines, by painting and changing each figure in a variety of ways. Meshing two characters together, changing their original outfit, or creating a whole other character altogether are just some of the ways that amiibo are being artistically altered, and we get the chance to see it all as they arrive for our viewing on the internet. Check out some of the best custom amiibo below, including the Harley Quinn-Zelda amiibo seen here!


Etsy user LuapLand sells custom painted Pikachu amiibo as Batman, Link, Mario and more in their shop!

Waiting for Yoshi’s Wooly World? Bridge the gap waiting for the game to be released and check out this Yoshi amiibo get 150% cuter by becoming all soft and yarn-like.

custom_yarn_yoshiThere are a lot of versions of Mario out there, but for the first time, Redneck Mario showed up on Reddit a few days ago.

KV3sJKvOne user connected two very different Legend of Zelda games by modifying Twilight Princess Zelda to become the Zelda we know most recently from Skyward Sword.

zelda_amiibo_frontWe all think Elsa is the coolest, but which of these custom Elsa amiibo capture the newest Disney princess the best?

Etsy user Alltheapplesdoubled sells a wide range of custom amiibo, some with small changes and others drastically altered. Check out a large group of them right here!


Have you seen an unbelievable custom amiibo? Share it with us below!

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