YouTuber Dave Jewitt is donating £1 to the UK charity Leukemia and Lymphoma Research every time he dies during his playthrough of Bloodborne.

In an interview with IGN, Jewitt, who goes under the name ‘Irregular Dave’ on YouTube, explains that he was inspired by the recent announcement that a local blood bank in Denmark would be offering free copies of From Software’s PlayStation exclusive title to anyone willing to donate blood.

Jewitt went on to say that positive feedback from viewers on his channel as well as his own family’s history with cancer helped him decide that he wanted to give back.  Jewitt said, “The people on my channel have been real kind to me lately, so I wanted to give something back, and I thought with the combination of blood, Bloodborne, and a blood charity seemed to match.”

In regards to how cancer has effected his own life, Jewitt added, “There has been a history of cancers in my family, but it was an idea that came to me that sort of fit the theme of the game, whilst still gave me the opportunity to give back to a good cause.”

He has so far done two playthroughs of Bloodborne, both of which can be found below or on his YouTube channel.  Jewitt encourages others to donate to Leukemia and Lymphoma Research as well. More information on the charity can be found at this link.

Davis Hagan is handling Gamespresso’s review of Bloodborne.  In his ‘Review in Progress’ article he notes that he has already died a lot, so it stands to reason that Jewitt will end up donating a fair amount of money by the end of his time with the game.

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