Love it or hate it, Destiny is absolutely huge. Even those who claim to dislike the game will often be found discussing it with others and the hype for the game simply hasn’t died down since launch. Rightly so, since Bungie’s project is planned to last for 10 years. So what happens now?

Well, updates will continue to roll out for Destiny, but more importantly a sequel to the game is undoubtedly on the way, potentially sooner than you might think. Not only have Bungie signed a multi-title contract with Activision that will see them agree a 10 year lockdown exclusivity, but hints at Destiny 2 can be found in a plethora of other places.

For instance, in December 2014 DeeJ – the community manager at Bungie – stated that…

“For ‘Destiny 2,’ the idea is that the Guardian that you have created is something you can bring along with you on that adventure. If you take a look at the way people have played other games for a long period of time, they’ve had a relationship with the same character for a very long time.

It’s a lot of fun to walk around the studio because there’s always somebody thinking about visions for the future. The next place you’ll go, the next enemy that you’ll fight, the next thing you’ll earn for doing those things.”

When, not if, Destiny 2 comes around, do you expect it to welcome a better reception than the original did back in September 2014? What would you like to see in the next Destiny game? Smash those keyboards in the comments section below.

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