Even as the series reboot, DMC, saw a ‘Definitive Edition’ release on current-gen consoles last week, the rereleases don’t stop there. Going a full eight years back, Devil May Cry 4 is getting a remastering treatment, set to hit consoles this summer.

Showing off the game with a new trailer, and posting on the PlayStation Blog, Game Director, Hideaki Itsuno, shed some light the new additions coming to Capcom’s stylish hack-and-slash.

“One of the biggest new attractions in Special Edition is that you will be able to play as Vergil, who has proven to be an extraordinarily popular character amongst fans,” Itsuno said. “[We’ve added] a brand new ‘Concentration’ mechanic, which complements Vergil’s signature ‘iaijutsu’ fighting style, making his attacks grow stronger and stronger the more calmly and flawlessly he fights. Additionally, the ‘Grim Trick’ ability, which allows Vergil to teleport using his ‘Sword Illusions,’ makes for an action experience that will feel new and distinctly different from that of Nero or Dante.”

Bringing the number of playable characters up to five, Itsuno also announced Lady and Trish will be playable. While Lady is “quite conceptually different” than another characters in the series, her style focusing heavily on ranged fire-arms, Trish “makes skillful use of the Sparda sword in a variety of ways that require the use of relatively few buttons.”

Itsuno then revealed a new game mode, “Legendary Dark Knight Mode,” in which the player is swarmed with enemies and has to adapt quickly to survive.

Along with new costumes, even more information is on the way before the game releases this summer. Until then, what do you think of the special edition? Let us know in the comments.

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