GameStop has reintroduced the PlayStation 2 to their store’s trade in program as of March 1 due to “high” demand, in exchange for $25 in-store credit. If your system has a power cord, A/V cable, and a controller, you’re free to take the system to your local store and spend the credit as you wish.

“The video game console that had captured millions of hearts around the world continues to breathe life,” GameStop said in a statement. “The Sony PlayStation 2 is known for its vast library of games and being the top selling video game console of all-time. GameStop knows that a demand for this iconic piece of video game history is still high and will once again buy back PS2 consoles.”

If you’re missing any of the previously specified accessories, GameStop will still pay you $20 for the console itself.

Is your PS2 worth $25 at your local GameStop? Let us know what you would spend the in-store credit on in the comments below.

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