Sierra, developers of the hit series Geometry Wars have announced today that Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is getting an update. Within said update there will be 40 new Adventure Mode levels, 3D grid shape, new bosses to fight, and a revised level gating system in order to make the game easier for newer players to unlock levels and modes.

Also being added into the game is a hardcore mode which tasks players with completing 20 levels without the use of their drone or super abilities. All of the above features will have their own individual leaderboards so high score junkies can get their fix.

‘Evolved’ is a free update to Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions and will be available on 31st March on PS4 and PS3, PC, Mac and Linux on Steam. It’s released on 1st April for Xbox One and Xbox 360. All in all, the new Geometry Wars 3 will contain over 100 levels for players to play through.

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