The news everyone was waiting for and never quite believed would happen, appears to be true. GTA V Heists are releasing tomorrow (March 10th) and just before, the details on the size of the Heists have been leaked onto the internet. The Xbox one version comes in at a whopping 4.8GB( clear out some space on that Hard drive) and the 360 version clocks in at 1.2GB. Although no details have been released on the size of the PlayStation side of things it’s a safe bet that they’ll be around the same size.

The achievements added into the game were also leaked and show that there will be a further 250 Gamerscore added onto GTA V’s standard 1000 Gamerscore. The achievements also come with their descriptions although I won’t go into further detail for the sake of potential spoilers.

It seems that after over a year of waiting, fans of the GTA Online experience will finally be able to gang up and take on enormous, risky, highly dangerous missions for a cut of the prize, although PC users will still have to wait until April 21st to play them, due to the recent delay.

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