GTA V Online should now be back up and running smoothly according to Rockstar, who developed the game, after the troubles that plagued many users yesterday. This seems to have been on all consoles however the biggest issue was and has remained to be on the Xbox 360 however this is no longer a problem with the game, but with Xbox Live.

The Xbox support team reported yesterday that users were having trouble using several features of the Live service including; purchasing new content, downloading and even just signing in. However this only seemed to be affecting Xbox 360 users and those using the current generation console, the Xbox One, has had no problems at all.

Xbox Live have a live update running for those affected by the issue as Grand Theft Auto V is not the only game being effected, according to support users are also having trouble downloading new backgrounds.

The Rockstar live GTA V Online update for today claims that “full access has been restored to GTA Online and all services have resumed as normal” however this has yet to be seen by Xbox 360 users who are still unable to access their live accounts.

The new anxiously awaited heist addition to available via free download for all users with GTA V on console however PC users are still waiting for the game which is now scheduled to come out in April. For those users who can connect to Online and have been able to download the patch that adds the new heist feature to the game everything seems to now be running almost perfectly.


Have you been effected by the issues surrounding the heist launch? Do you have access to it yet? Let me know in the comments below!

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